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About Olivia's Pizza

Olivia's Pizza is known for its generous portions, reasonable prices, friendly service, collection and delivery. Olivia's Pizza is a great place to enjoy authentic Pizza. Delivery out is not just about the food, it’s about the whole experience. We hope you will enjoy your experience at Olivia's Pizza through our efficient take out and delivery service.

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108 Ruislip Road
Greenford, UB69QH

Favourite Dishes




double pepperoni and double cheese


onions, green peppers, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, ground beef, ham, sweetcorn and pineapple


pepperoni, smoky sausage, ham, beef, onion and mushrooms


roasted chicken, tandoori chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn

Olivia's Pizza Customer Reviews

389 reviews


  • good


  • food came on time , pizza well done everything came that I ordered defo order again many thanks


  • Great pizza as usual


  • I ordered two pizzas. I cannot even begin to explain how horrible they were. They were exactly like the tesco value pizzas, and the texture made me believed they were microwaved, which probably they were. Never have I ever eaten such horrible food. They should close down their "restaurant", and throw the key away in a lion cage so no one can reach it ever again. I want my money back.


  • Nearly 1 hr late!!


  • Do not order if you want real tasty pizza. The base feels like its the ones you get in a supermarket. The peppers and onions were chopped too big. The sauce lacked salt and taste, and it had hardly any cheese. Disgusting food. Even supermarket brands sell better ones, do NOT order if you want a real authentic pizza that tastes GOOD, this does not even come close to average. Also the restaurant promised fudge cake for ordering above £20 but this was not delivered. Did not even bother complaining as the pizza was so bland and yuck.


  • Pizza was ok not much taste. Garlic pizza bread was horrific. Jalapeno poppers had no cream cheese.


  • the pizza was cooked perfectly still hot once it arrived, definitely will be ordering from here again , everyone is so polite many thanks


  • Really nice pizza and very quick service.


  • loved it


  • The pizza was awful and tasted like rubber I will not order from them again the only good thing I can say is the pizza was delivered on time


  • 1h late. The pizza was cold and driver was rude. Never order from them again


  • What's happened today??? Pizza rubbery Over cook Difficult to bite ... I hated


  • visually best pizza ive ordered in ages. not the usual bits of topping you get this was full. really good will order again


  • Fantastic service amazing food boss man